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About The Hemp Cream

All our products at The Hemp Cream are infused with oils which feed into our bodies’ built-in natural receptor system. Our bodies then start performing its own miracles when fed with these ingredients. We can see the wonderful effects on our skin as the products are being applied topically.

It all started when I was researching the effects of medicinal oil due to my son who has Costello Syndrome. His syndrome makes him very prone to cancer, and I figured if it cures a lot of cancers, it’s more than likely able to prevent it.

I put us both on oils in February 2017 and experienced the most amazing results, which brought me to consider other uses for it.

I’d been involved in the skincare industry for a number of years in my previous business, so it was a natural progression to incorporate it into a new skincare line. And the results have been nothing less than MIRACULOUS!



How long does the sample kit last

There is enough to last roughly a week.

How many mls are in the samples

A few mls enough to last around a week.

What are the ingredients?

Does this make you high?

Not at all. The products are topical (please don’t eat them), and it doesn’t pass through into the bloodstream.

Do you sell the oil?

Yes we do… please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

How long does delivery take?

Usually 1 to 3 working days. Outlying regional towns may take longer, depending on courier availability.

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